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  • Title:Nobody's Fault But Mine
  • Artist:Led Zeppelin
  • Album:Presence
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    " Nobody's Fault But Mine "
    Led Zeppelin {Blind Willie Johnson Remake}

    (Guitar intro)
    Ou-ooh!, oo-o-o-o-uh!,
    Ou-ouh!, oo-o-o-o-ooh!
    Ooooh!, nobody's fault but mine,
    Nobody's fault but mine-yeey!,
    Trying to save my soul toniiiight,
    Oo-oh!, it's nobody's fault but mine.
    Devil he told me to roll,
    The devil he told me to rou-ou-ou-oll,
    How to roll the lot you liiiiiike!,
    No-body's fault but mine.
    (Harmonica Solo)
    Brother he showed me the gong,
    Brother he showed me the ding-dong, ding-dong,
    How to kick that going to liiiiiiight!,
    Oouuh!, it's nobody's {silence} but mine.
    Got a monkey on my back,
    Mo-mo-mo-mo-monkey on my back, back, back, back,
    Gonna change my ways toniiiiiiight!,
    Nobody's fault but mine.
    (Guitar solo)
    I will get down rollin' toniiiiiight!,
    No-no-no-no, no-no-noouu!-body's fault!
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