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  • Title:Young+Dumb+&+Broke
  • Artist:Khalid
  • Album:American Teen
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    Young Dumb & Broke
    So you're still thinking of me
    Just like I know you should
    I can not give you everything
    You know I wish I could
    I'm so high at the moment
    I'm so caught up in this
    Yeah, we're just young, dumb and broke
    But we still got love to give
    While we're young dumb
    Young, young dumb and broke
    Young dumb
    Young dumb broke high school kids
    We kept our last few hundreds (yeah)
    Spread out just like a fan (hey)
    She memorized my number (oh)
    Same one from 2010 (oh yeah)
    And we're living it up, forget about sorrow(oh)
    Party all night (night)
    Same time tomorrow
    Keeping my cool (cool)
    Making my moves
    Young, dumb and broke, dreams coming true
    We have so much in common
    We argue all the time
    You always say I'm wrong
    I'm pretty sure I'm right
    What's fun about commitment
    When we have our life to live (hey!)
    Yeah, we're just young dumb and broke(skrt, skrt!)
    But we still got love to give (hey)
    Never thought it would be like this(Sremm life)
    I never thought it could be like this
    Remember when I used to drive the hoopty, oh yeah
    I'm coming in that Lamb'
    I'm 'bout to scoop you oh yeah
    I know the last time that
    You see me I was broke (black)
    Pull up for my city, graduated blue and gold
    Don't tell me how to do it
    You ain't did this shit before
    Y'all niggas winning
    If you watching peep the scope
    We get it while we young dumb
    Yadadadadadadada (Lil Boat)
    Young dumb broke high school kids(Lil Boat Lil Boat)
    Young, dumb and broke (yah)
    Back in high school Boat was so emotional
    Now I'm super rich (yah)
    And everything I do is so promotional
    I didn't finish college (no)
    So my momma thought I wouldn't be shit
    I had to prove her wrong (yah)
    That's why I talk about her now in every single song
    Had to struggle for a while (I did)
    Just so I could live it up when it's time to live(ok)
    I knew something had to give (yah)
    Broke as hell using lyft (why)
    I could never get a lift
    Now they all want one from me
    Stay away from the thing
    Message from the King of the Teens
    Young, young dumb and broke (Lil Boat)
    Yadadadadadada(yeah, it's the American Teen)
    Yadadadadadadada(and the King of the Teens)