• Title:B.I.T.C.H.
  • Artist:Megan thee Stallion
  • Album:Suga
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    I'd rather keep it real with ya
    Real hot girl sh*t, ah
    It ain't always about what you like, sometimes it's about what's right
    Helluva made this beat, baby
    I'd rather be a B-1-T-C-H (I'd rather keep it real with ya)
    'Cause that's what you gon' call me when I'm trippin' anyway
    You know you can't control me, baby, you need a real one in your life
    Them *****es ain't gon' give it to you right
    Them *****es ain't gon' give it to you right (Ayy)
    Why you wanna play with me? You know I'm undefeated
    A real hot girl know how to keep a n*gga heated
    You say you want respect, well, treat me how you wanna be treated
    You told me keep it real, but you don't practice what you preachin'
    You want me to blow your phone up and come a-lookin' for you 'til I find ya
    You really want me to whoop the ho that you f*ckin' with if I find her
    *****, you ain't that busy, I don't give a f*ck what you ain't got time for
    You look me in my eyes and know you lying, man, that's fraud, bruh
    Man, you knew I was a player 'fore you met me, need to relax
    You know that you gon' hate me if I get to playin' get-back
    I ain't turn into no bad ***** when you met me, boy, I been that
    You tryna make me somethin' that I ain't, and I ain't with that (Nah)
    I got my mind on gettin' paid, we ain't spoke in some days
    He probaby thinkin' I'm in pain, but I'm really on game
    Ain't no n*gga finna stop me, independent, I got me
    All the sh*t that I be needin', can't depend on a "probably"
    And that's f*cked up, 'cause you know that I don't f*ck with nobody
    I be quiet, but you out here tellin' stories, one-sided
    I ain't perfect and I try to fix the sh*t that ain't workin'
    But it's 2020, I ain't finna argue 'bout twerkin'
    Since you wanna test them waters, might as well jump in with both feet
    If you leave me and you see me, better act like you don't know me
    If you think this sh*t get better with another *****, go get her (Go and get her)
    When you realize she ain't got you like I got you, I can't help ya
    Oh, oh, oh