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  • Title:Addiction
  • Artist:Doja Cat
  • Album:Hot Pink
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    作曲 : Amala Zandile Dlamini/P2J/Richard Isong/Ari Pensmith/Ariowa Irosogie/Kurtis McKenzie
    作词 : Amala Zandile Dlamini/Richard Isong/Ariowa Irosogie/Kurtis McKenzie
    It's Doja
    I don't know how to tell you this but
    I got one way maybe this will work
    You just gotta listen closely to me
    I need you me us
    Addicted uh
    I am addicted a little
    Under the influence a little
    And it makes me want to taste a little
    An itch I just can't scratch addiction
    I got such a pretty body
    Prettier when I'm a mess
    And I just like to call him daddy
    'Cause the first one he up and left
    And you can relate to broken girls
    I've been a day without it I'm proud of myself
    Baby can you break the curse
    I'm still gonna believe in magic
    You can relate to broken girls
    I'm just a little bit I'm just a little bit
    More just a little bit more just a little bit
    Yeah roll another hunnid
    We could get the white girl lit like Madonna
    ***** I ain't grim but this **** is bananas
    We could make the whole body drip like a sauna
    Swim like a piranha
    Put M's in my water
    I can't feel my lips my limbs feel like rubber
    Yeah I came down but I still need another
    One under the tongue and then a little *********
    They on a trees like koala