• Title:E.T.A.
  • Artist:Justin Bieber
  • Album:Changes
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    作曲 : Justin Bieber/Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd/Joshua Gudwin/Tom Strahle/Philip Beaudreau
    作词 : Justin Bieber/Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd/Joshua Gudwin/Tom Strahle/Philip Beaudreau
    Feels like time's moving in slow motion
    Just trying to occupy my mind
    So that I don't go looney over over
    Ooo ooh
    Just trying to amplify the sound
    To drown out all of this need for you
    You ooo ooh
    Biting my nails got me nervous
    So anxious see it's one o'clock now
    Noon felt like three hours ago
    I just wanna know your E.T.A. E.T.A
    Out the window got me looking out the street
    What's your E.T.A.
    Distance only made us grow fonder
    Of one another
    Be honest what's your E.T.A.
    Say you almost right here now
    Just say you pulling up to my gate
    Don't say your signal faded driving through the canyon
    Just hurry up for my sake
    I was born ready for you
    Skin sweeter than cinnamon
    Eyes deeper than ocean
    Love me hard like "Where you been"
    Love me like you don't want it to end
    Before you gotta go oh oo oh oh
    Oh ooo oh ooo oh oh
    Drop a pin for me now
    So I can learn you location
    Thank you yes your less than five minutes away from me
    In your arms rubbing on your face
    Only place I wanna be
    In the bed where we lay our head