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  • Title:Second Emotion (feat. Travis Scott)
  • Artist:Justin Bieber;Travis Scott
  • Album:Changes
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    作曲 : Justin Bieber/Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd/Jimmy Giannos/Dominic Jordan/Jacques Webster, Jr.
    作词 : Justin Bieber/Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd/Jimmy Giannos/Dominic Jordan/Jacques Webster, Jr.
    Try to bite my tongue but I can't take it
    I got whiplash from me turnin' my head
    There's someone else to go no I can't make it
    I would rather take my chance with you instead
    Do you second that emotion
    Do you
    You really got me open
    You you you
    Do you you you you
    High heels on her you come forward I see ya
    Movies all around but you look like the feature
    Had another meeting now my plan is to meet you
    Got my hands out all I wanna do is reach ya
    All I wanna do is greet ya
    Infatuated sorry if I stare
    The way you pose it up I wanna be there
    The way you curved up it just ain't fair
    No it ain't
    Got me feeling giddy like "La la la la"
    Struck a match got me litty like "La la la la"
    It's lit
    You got the keys to my city like "La la la la"
    Do you second that emotion babe
    Ah yeah
    Mm yeah
    Out to big bunch
    Spring her off the hitch
    Everything legit movin' like the blitz
    Crib like the wrist
    Iced out wrist
    So you know it's room
    So baby please
    Hol' up nah nah nah that was the first time she did that
    Don't like to talk to b***h
    Just like to play the wish
    I know the problem is the body body kiss
    I tried to drop another one in
    Oh you sent to Jenna for me
    Does Jenna ball harder than me
    Did I come cross your radar
    Cross your mind now and later
    Do you feel like you know me
    This is the part of nature
    Let's ask each other questions
    Can we do each other favors
    Hey hey hey