• Title:JUMP
  • Artist:DaBaby;Youngboy Never Broke Again
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    作曲作词 : Jonathan Lyndale Kirk/Kentrell DeSean Gaulden/Dejuane Dunwood/A Boogie Wit da Hoodie
    Okay, let's go *****
    (Rocco did it again)
    (Wait a minute, who are you?)
    (Ayy yo Kid)
    I make it jump like, like crack in the 80s
    Baby, these ***** ass *****s ain't crazy
    Broke ass, ASCAP go straight to my baby
    (Hold on, Lil' Top, talk to 'em *****)
    And I make my ***** talk to me when we ****in' (Talk back)
    Big rocks on my wrist I bust it (Bling)
    Big Glock on my hip, I'm clutchin' (Let's go)
    Get lost on a *****, ain't nothin'
    She say I look good, *****, I been doin' pushups
    Play with Baby and Top, *****, good luck
    My lil' daughter two, but got six figures put up
    Knock his head off his neck before he look up
    Ten toes in they chest for a check
    *****, I stood up (What that mean?)
    I stood up on they neck for a check (Uh-huh)
    Now my head get 'em stressed, I'm a vet
    I get 300K for a show, *****, I'm blessed
    Go to trippin' and go tell them hoes get down
    I spray it, I don't go no hammers (Boom, bow)
    We be pullin' up back to back, play, we gon' handle that
    I'ma work 'em with Three and Montana
    Go to buck and won't wait 'fore it to touch 'em
    He started, you know he gon' get his shit cancelled (Cancelled)
    Put that stick to yo' face, screamin' out 4K Trey
    From the north of Baton Rouge to Atlanta (Brrt, brrt)
    Talk out his shit top, put them bands on a *****
    I be runnin' my city, the police don't like it
    'Cause they know we be steppin' on shit (Steppin' on shit)
    Put that blick on ya brother, you feelin' someway
    Make him hot, tell 'em dig up the ***** (Dig up the *****)
    Since you want it bad, how you livin' lil' *****?
    You know I be havin' this shit (Shoot a lil' *****)
    Paranoid every day, I be feelin' someway
    When you bring up the static and shit
    Switched the channel, we fixin' that static (It's switched)
    Give a ***** a clip, he can have it (He get it)
    Get to hittin' so quick, they think it's automatic (Boom, boom)
    ***** gon' try to hide in the house
    Get his ass to come out, hit his ***** ass in traffic (Like boom)
    Made a song in ten minutes, went platinum
    Know we still with the shits, send a hit, we get active (Yeah)
    Mention YB or Baby, the game in the padlock (Yeah)
    My lil' ***** got that ass with no waist, pretty face, a six pack (Mmm)
    *****s think she got ass shots
    I hit her from the back 'til we pass out (Uh-huh)
    I Kurt Angle that ho, put her leg in the air, ankle lock
    Hold that ***** 'til she tap out (*****)
    Be on deep on ya street with that strap out (One deep)
    **** a rapper, let's see what the rap 'bout
    Got a brand new pistol, *****
    I make it jump like, like crack in the 80s
    Baby, these ***** ass *****s ain't crazy
    Broke ass, ASCAP go straight to my baby
    (Hold on, Lil' Top, talk to 'em *****)
    And I make my ***** talk to me when we ****in' (Talk back)
    Mic check 1-2, check one, stretch two
    When it come to murder, you know how we do
    When I walk in the *****, keep your hands to yourself
    It go down, shoot it up, spin again in the coupe (Bang, bang)
    When you come to my house, you see everything new
    You prolly will find a strap in every room
    I went bought me a Rollie on top of his Patek
    But, *****, it ain't on, I'ma jump out with two
    Shorty say, she on me, yeah
    We be on her ass, soon as I walk in the room
    ***** don't know me, yeah, we be on his ass
    Stalk him out through the day to the moon
    Street *****, I don't never pick and choose
    I be totin' on somethin', eight thousand, them ***** ***** move
    Soon as we run down , we gon' dead 'em
    You know that it's certain, we never be leavin' no clues *****
    Hold on, we'll tell 'em *****, believe that
    I make it jump like I'm Giannis (Disani)
    Tryna see how it feel from behind her (Let's go)
    Know lil' ***** ain't shit, don't deserve to suck ****
    Make that ***** give me head with a condom (Uh-huh)
    Wanna gamble and crap out, let's get it
    We put racks on his mother****in' cap like a fitted (No cap)
    Baby, pull up 2020, hop out like it's nothin'
    That lil' ***** stuntin', he shittin' (Grr)
    I get high by myself in the sky box (Yeah)
    I came out the house, two F&N's for the day (Two)
    Let 'em go like a pro, let 'em try now (Let's try)
    I can't go like a ho, I'ma bond out (*****)
    Send my bro, up the score, let 'em find out (Uh)
    Pick up my boo from school and we sign out (Mwah)
    Any ho that get rude, gettin' time out, talk to 'em *****
    Blame it on baby, *****
    Blame it on mother****in' baby, *****
    Blame it on baby, blame it on baby
    Yeah, let's go