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  • Title:CAN'T STOP
  • Artist:DaBaby
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    作曲作词 : Jonathan Lyndale Kirk/Michael Hernandez/John Wesley Lucas/Carlos Goldwin
    Everything foreign
    *****, there ain't no stoppin' no ***** like me
    *****, there ain't no stoppin' no ***** like me
    Let's go (New album, *****, yeah)
    Baby, on baby, on baby (****, **** a new album, baby)
    Baby, on baby, on mother****ing baby (Aw, shit)
    **** you talkin' 'bout, *****? (Aw shit)
    *****, there ain't no stopping no ***** like me
    This the intro, watch me get into it (Let's go)
    ******* call me a cutie, I'm groovy
    My daughter took care of forever off music (Mwah)
    Screaming fly high to Kobe, Gianna we ballin'
    I can't tell you shit about losin' (R.I.P.)
    Finger **** allegations, keep hatin'
    I'm patiently waiting on *****s to prove it (You *****)
    *****, you know I turn piss into lemonade
    Turn shit into sugar, that's chocolate pudding
    Let you know I don't **** with you anyway (Hmmgh)
    Know I keep getting better, you thought that I wouldn't
    I'ma keep letting off, I'm a renegade (Poh-poh-poh)
    The media blitzed and I took off and shook 'em
    Came out like a boss and they feel a way (Ha)
    Gon' end up getting ****ed, you keep thinkin' I'm *****
    *****, I'm 'bout my business, it's all about timin'
    When I put this shit on, I don't cop from no stylist
    I'm all on the TV and net, I'm too viral
    I pull up with a ****, when we hop out, we vibin'
    I like movin' in silence, don't bother nobody
    He come bother me, I'ma catch me a body
    I don't get into politics, I just be poppin' shit
    Obviously hot as a mother****in' fire (Hot)
    Let me cool off a minute (Sss)
    I got nothing to hide, I don't run from my problems
    Just tryna get you out my business (You *****)
    Only answer to God, I'm already convicted
    If I'm having you as my witness
    Having hoes at my shows, tryna take off their clothes
    I don't know what to do with them ******* (Let's go, huh)
    You know it's Baby, *****
    Let's go!
    *****, you know it ain't no stopping no ***** like me
    *****, you know it ain't no stopping no ***** like me (Let's go)
    Oh, no, *****
    *****, you know it ain't no stopping no ***** like me (I just can't mother****in' stop, man, I just can't stop)
    Let's go, ***** (And they can't mother****in' stop me)
    *****, you know it ain't no stopping no ***** like me (I know this shit frustratin', man, like I know)
    ***** (I know it's frustratin' for you *****s, dawg)
    *****, you know it ain't no stopping no ***** like me (I know it's frustratin' for you *******, dawg)
    *****, you know it ain't no stopping no ***** like me (Ain't no stoppin' no ***** like me)
    Verse two
    You do what you want when you poppin' (Let's pop)
    Guess I do what I want, plus I'm single as ****
    See my boo in the cut, I got options (Mwah)
    Know I'm all up her skirt like a stockin'
    My album make hoes, call me Kirk like my mama
    I see how they peepin' the technique and jockin'
    All these icy VVs on my neck, let's play hockey (Bling, bling)
    I'm guessing that he bought a stick, 'cause I bought a stick (Yeah)
    And I ain't the type to be payin' for *****
    I **** hoes for free, never bought a *****
    Hold me up to the sun, I'm not counterfeit (Yeah, yeah)
    I just got a new gun from my bottom *****
    And I'm ready to slang it, I'm warning, I'm dangerous (Boom, boom, boom)
    Come ****ing with me, better find a ditch
    And throw yourself in it, 'cause that's how I'm living
    When I get in my feelings, I make *****s feel it
    When I hit yo lil' *****, I put **** in her kidneys
    On a date with my new ho, I took her to Wendy's
    We ain't going in, get that shit from the window
    Take that ho through the drive thru
    Keep playing me like a ho, we gon' slide through
    It's cool I'ma let you act up on the internet
    Let's see you *****s act tough when I find you
    ***** ass *****, and umm...
    Nah, ***** (****)
    Let's go, *****
    Oh, no, ***** (I wish the **** I would let a ***** ass ***** stop this shit)
    *****, you know it ain't no stopping no ***** like me (Or a *****, can't no ***** or no ***** ass ***** stop this shit, dawg)
    Baby, on baby, on mother****in' baby, *****
    Let's get it