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  • Title:Good Woman
  • Artist:Maren Morris
  • Album:GIRL
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    作曲 : Maren Morris/Ian Fitchuk/Kathleen Edwards
    作词 : Maren Morris/Ian Fitchuk/Kathleen Edwards
    Composed by:Maren Morris/Ian Fitchuk/Kathleen Edwards
    When you were young there were some things
    You had planned out a map of your dreams
    If some pull through and if some fall away
    I promise to you this one's gonna stay
    I'll sway like a tree when you need a change
    I'll travel the world or stay in one place
    I'll hold your hand when the storm's at the door
    'Cause you got my back and I got yours
    You've got the love of a good woman
    Yeah you've got the love of a good woman
    If you need my arms to hold you together
    They'll be right here to hold you forever
    Sometimes we won't know the road that we'll face
    But we'll get where we're going even if we're late
    No one'll speak the language we made
    I'll keep you warm beneath the sheets
    The weight of the world's got nothing on me
    'Cause you've got the love of a good woman