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  • Title:Great Ones
  • Artist:Maren Morris
  • Album:GIRL
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    作曲 : Maren Morris/Ryan Hurd/Mikey Reaves
    作词 : Maren Morris/Ryan Hurd/Mikey Reaves
    Composed by:Maren Morris/Ryan Hurd/Mikey Reaves
    Before you found me
    Baby my heart and all around me
    Was like a graveyard
    I didn't sleep alone
    But never felt more lonely
    I tried for so long to get it right but
    You get it so wrong until the right love
    Makes you realize that there's a one and only
    You just fell out of the sky
    The best things come when you don't even try
    Lightning in a bottle doesn't happen twice
    The kind of gospel that saves you just in time
    The myth of me and you
    Is fiction turned to truth
    Most loves don't make it through
    But the great ones do
    But the great ones
    Yeah the great ones
    Yeah the great ones do
    But the great ones the great ones do
    It's like every single star aligning
    We traded silver for gold lining lining
    You're the perfect storm
    So let it pour down on me
    If they tell the story in a hundred years
    No one would believe that you and me were really here
    Just a memory of what the real thing can be
    You know when you know and I know you do
    And I know that I just love you
    Sometimes it feels just too good to be true
    But it's true
    Yeah somehow it's true that
    But the great ones the great ones
    You know when you know
    You know you