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  • Title:Tequila Sheila
  • Artist:Blake Shelton
  • Album:Fully Loaded: God's Country
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    作曲 : Mac Davis/Shel Silverstein
    作词 : Mac Davis/Shel Silverstein
    (Pour me another Tequila, Sheila)
    Pour me another Tequila, Sheila
    Take off that red satin dress
    I cross the border and I beat the dealer
    For all the damn gold in Juarez
    I feel like old Pancho Villa, Sheila
    And I got the Pesos to spend
    So pour me another Tequila, Sheila
    And lay down and love me again
    No I can't tell you about it
    But don't mind my gun by the bed
    I feel kind of naked without it
    And it eases the fears in my head
    So just pass me the salt and the lemon
    Bend down and blow out the light
    I never had trusted the woman
    But Sheila I'll trust you tonight
    And take off that red satin dress
    And I sure could use me a friend
    Sheila, I'm hearing your heartbeat
    But I'm hearing footsteps outside
    The courtyard is crawling with damn federalists
    And Sheila, there's no place to hide
    I don't know who could have tipped them
    'Cause nobody knew it but you
    And I can't make love to a squealer, Sheila
    So I guess there's just one thing to do
    I'm gonna put on your red satin dress
    Now you put on my clothes, you go out and face the dealer
    Sheila, I wish you the best
    I need a fast horse and a friend
    And I'll ride for the border again
    Yeah pour me another Tequila, Sheila