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  • Title:What You See Is What You Get
  • Artist:Luke Combs
  • Album:What You See Is What You Get
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    作曲 : Luke Combs/Barry Dean/Jonathan Singleton
    作词 : Luke Combs/Barry Dean/Jonathan Singleton
    I'm a puzzle
    I'm a walking contradiction
    In far from mint condition
    'Cause there's pieces I can't find
    Sometimes trouble
    A can of cope a day addiction
    With set in stone convictions
    And a no bend bottom line
    I'm an easy read but I ain't no open book
    Got a knack for making things harder than they look
    I'm a straight shooting
    Beer drinking rule breaking
    Don't think I won't take a good thing too far
    I'm a midnighting backsliding
    Getaway car driving
    Running away with your heart
    I guess be careful what you wish for is all I meant when I said
    What you see is what you get
    At least I'm honest
    I don't spin it like a record
    And I ain't acting like I'm better
    Than you know I really am
    Yeah you're dead on it
    You got me figured I'll admit it
    Set in my ways hard-headed
    But hell I do the best I can
    With me ain't no tricks up these sleeves
    An acquired taste a constant work in progress