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  • Title:All Over Again
  • Artist:Luke Combs
  • Album:What You See Is What You Get
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    作曲 : Luke Combs/Corey Crowder/Ray Fulcher
    作词 : Luke Combs/Corey Crowder/Ray Fulcher
    Feels so familiar
    You walking in here
    Wearing just what you know makes me weak
    And I'm already ordering you a drink
    Baby, and then we're
    Gonna get out of here
    Just like the last time and the time before
    We're at your house and through the door
    And we're falling all over again
    Like a flashback to way back when
    Back when we were us
    Couldn't get enough
    But we both know how this ends
    You can leave it up to me
    To say things that I don't mean
    And I'll leave it up to you
    To turn, "I love you"
    Into, "Boy, where you been?"
    And just like that
    Just as fast as we began
    We're all over again
    I'll think you're out of my system
    At least till I miss ya
    I'll start going through withdrawals
    That's about the time you'll call
    And we'll be falling all over again
    Well, I know where we'll wind up
    'Cause trouble loves to find us
    And I guess goodbye's just too tough
    'Cause last time was the last time, but
    We're falling all over again
    Oh, we're all over again