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  • Title:Every Little Bit Helps
  • Artist:Luke Combs
  • Album:What You See Is What You Get
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    作曲 : Luke Combs/Chase McGill/James McNair
    作词 : Luke Combs/Chase McGill/James McNair
    This futon I crashed on in college, well it ain't our bed
    But at least it don't smell like you
    Patron up on the counter, well it ain't your red
    Them long stems are long gone too
    Put that record on, took your pictures off the shelf
    Oh, 'cause every little bit helps
    Might not get me all the way over you
    But every little bit gets me a little bit closer to
    Walkin' right out of your valley of the shadow of death
    Step by step, I'm gettin'
    Out from under that spell you put on me
    I know you just left and I know I might only be
    One night into your "goodbye, gone" kinda hell
    Oh, but every little bit helps
    And this fiver might only spin my tires to the other side of town
    But at least I'm out of this house
    And this dive's tired, the band, man, it ain't my sound
    But at least they're playin' it loud
    Two beers in and I'll be long gone come 12
    One night in to your "goodbye, gone" kinda hell
    Every sip, every drink
    That girl and her wink
    It ain't much but I think
    That every little bit helps
    Oh, yeah, every little bit helps