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  • Title:Dear Today
  • Artist:Luke Combs
  • Album:What You See Is What You Get
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    作曲 : Luke Combs/Erik Dylan /Rob Snyder
    作词 : Luke Combs/Erik Dylan /Rob Snyder
    Dear today, tomorrow here
    Man I was just checking in, hope you been well
    Me I'm doing alright, could always be better
    Seen as you're the only one with a choice in the matter
    If I know you, hell, you're too busy
    To do damn near anything, that you ought to
    I guess what I'm saying is, if you don't change
    Boy, you'll be kicking yourself one of these days
    So maybe you should call our Mama, have a drink with our old man
    Quit wasting our sweet time and put that diamond on her hand
    Stop taking me for granted like I'll always be around
    Cause even as you read this boy that clock is ticking down
    And remember every second I got's borrowed
    So I hope you think of me today, sincerely tomorrow
    Listen I ain't trying, to bring you down
    Cause I know damn better than, pushing you around
    I guess I was just looking out, for you and me both
    Cause we both lose if I told you so