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  • Title:Oh! Carol
  • Artist:Neil Sedaka
  • Album:Single
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    " Oh! Carol "
    Neil Sedaka

    Oh! Carol,
    I am but a fool,
    Darling, I love you,
    Though you treat me cruel.
    You hurt me-(phap, phap)-
    -(Phap-phap)-and you make me cry-(phap, phap)-
    -(Phap-phap)-but if you leave me-(phap, phap)-
    -(Phap-phap)-I will surely die.
    Darling, there will never be another-(aaaaaaaah!)-
    -Cause I love you so-(aaaaaaaaah!)-
    -Don't ever leave me-(aaaaaaaaah!)-
    -Say you'll never gooo-(aaaaaaaaah!)
    I will always want you for my sweet heart!-(aaaaaaaaah!)-
    -No matter what you do-(aaaaaaaaah!)-
    -Oo-o-oh! Carol-(aaaaaaaaah!)-
    -(Aaaah!)-I'm so in love with you-(uuuh-wap!)
    (Uuuuuuh!)-spoken words: "oh! Carol"-(uu-u-uu-u-u-uuuh!)-
    -"I am but a fool"-(u-uu-u-uu-u-uuuuh!)-
    -"Darling, I love you"-(uu-u-uu-u-uuuuh!)-
    -"Though you treat me cruel".
    (Uuuuuuh!)-Spoken words: "You hurt me"-(uu-u-uu-u-u-uuuh!)-
    "And you make me cry"-(u-uu-u-uu-u-uuuuh!)-
    "But if you leave me"-(uu-u-uu-u-uuuuh!)-
    "I will surely die"
    -(Aaaah!)-I'm so in love with youuuu-(uuuh!)-uuuu-(uuuuh)-uuuuuh!
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