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  • Title:Why Won't They Talk To Me?
  • Artist:Tame Impala
  • Album:Lonerism
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    Tame Impala-Why Won't They Talk to Me_
    Out of the zone
    Trying to see
    I'm so alone
    Nothing for me
    I guess I'll go home
    Try to be sane
    Try to pretend
    None of it happened
    Oh this old tree
    Lonely old me
    I thought I was happy
    Now that I see
    I don't need them
    And they don't need me
    Destined to be
    Why won't they talk to me
    But I don't even care about it anyway
    I wouldn't listen to a word any of them say
    They just talk about themselves all day
    One day Ill be a star and they'll be sorry