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  • Title:Do you think I'm sexy
  • Artist:N-trance
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    Sexy Baby You Drive Me Crazy
    Ooh you sexy baby you drive me crazy
    Player Player pop the style N-Trance is in the house to make the party
    It's the new dance another smash so let me set it
    See how we rollin' this year copacetic
    Groupies they all wanna do me
    Slippin' Moet every day poppin' coochies
    Bring that bootie over here girl
    See I been watching that for years girl
    An' if ya wore silk you know you won't regret it
    Ya mamma made ya I wanna sweat it
    I see at this party cool with everybody but my body wanna push up with
    your body
    Big poppy ain't with old jaloby
    One way for the Shhh somebody stop me
    Cos it be going down like this if I flex see let me know if my flow be
    If you want my body and you think I'm sexy come on sugar let me know sexy
    If you really need my just reach out and touch me come on honey tell
    me so
    Mmm how d'ya like a bubble bath
    Huh told you I could make you laugh
    You an' me together
    I'll be the bread you be the butter underneath the covers
    Take it up another notch
    Let me see how you stack and what you really got
    One shot she hit that spoke like rum
    Come baby come baby baby come come
    You thought I was a sleeper oh let me see now
    Oh who got the fever? N-Trance and the only one
    Nine-Six in the mix and it's just begun
    Cos it be going down like this
    It's the rhymes from the source that you can't resist
    So baby when I flex see on the real let me know if my flow be sexy
    If you want my body and you think I'm sexy come on sugar let me know
    Sarah Ali Kika Haley Raquel Sophie Jo Mercedes
    Mad honeys with the shapely thighs
    Soft hands dark tans and the almond eyes
    That's right you better recognise
    N-Trance and Ricky Raw got the enterprise
    An' thats how we be doin' cos when I flex see you know that is't sexy
    Forget the guys in suits
    Y'know what I'm sayin'?
    Cos they ain't got it goin' on this year