• Title:Still Got The Blues (For You)
  • Artist:Gary Moore
  • Album:Still Got The Blues
  • KaraokeRate:2★
  • Languages:en
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  • Uploador:WarMachine666
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    " Still Got The Blues (For You) "
    Gary Moore

    Used to be so easy
    To give my heart away,
    But I found out the hard way
    There's a price you have to pay,
    I found out that love
    Was no friend of mine,
    I should have known
    Time after time.
    So long,
    It was so long ago,
    But I've still
    Got the blues
    For you.
    To fall in love again,
    But I found out the hard way,
    It's a road that leads to pain,
    I found that love
    Was more than just a game,
    You're playin' to win,
    But you lose just the same.
    So many years
    Since I've seen your face,
    Here in my heart,
    There's an empty space,
    Where you used to be.
    (Guitar solo)
    So long!,
    Though the days come and go,
    There is one thing I know,
    I've stiiiiiiill
    Got the blueeeees
    For youuu.
    (Outro: final guitar solo)
    /* By WarMachine66 */