• Title:Body (Remix) [feat. ArrDee, E1 (3x3), ZT (3x3), Bugzy Malone, Buni, Fivio Foreign & Darkoo]
  • Artist:Tion Wayne;Russ Millions;ArrDee;E1 (3x3);ZT (3x3);Bugzy Malone;Buni;Fivio Foreign;DARKoO
  • Album:Body (Remix) [feat. ArrDee, E1 (3x3), ZT (3x3), Bugzy Malone, Buni, Fivio Foreign & Darkoo]
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    作曲 : Russ Millions/Tion Wayne/ArrDee/Bugzy Malone/Buni/DARKoO/E1 (3x3)/Fivio Foreign/ZT (3x3)
    Bah (Mm-mm), yo
    E-E-English girl named Fiona, big batty girl named Abiola (Mm-mm)
    Body-ody shaped like Cola (Bah)
    Back up, back up, bring it to the owner
    Man, I'm still up on the roads, could've left (Bah, bah)
    Still chattin' to my bros on the tech' (Mm-mm)
    **** that, man, I don't give a F (Boom, boom)
    What, you wanna get smoked? Cigarette (Bah, bah, bah)
    English, English girl named Fiona, African girl, Adeola
    Body-ody shaped like Cola, back up, back up, ayy, come closer
    Vida loca (******), high as a kite, never sober
    Python, hit him with a Cobra
    Free up my bro, Casanova (Free him up)
    Badman persona, badman alone can control her ('Trol her)
    Sorry, sorry, your sis got bent over
    Push in my 'ood, take anaconda
    Have you seen the state of her body? (Mad)
    If I beat it, I ain't wearin' a Jonny (Hah)
    Adeola when I roll with a geezer (With a geez)
    Is it me or the lifestyle sweetheart?
    Actually, I don't give a shit (Nah)
    I'm a rapper now, might as well live in it (Live in it)
    Smoke up in my hotel, billin' it
    You can do what you like darlin', no, they don't give a F
    Still get brain when I smoke cigarettes
    White boy waste, can't get a wet
    But my big brown love roll with the zest
    I'm an English boy, but I'm so bloody lit
    Yo, Tizzy, my killy, I'm litty, I'm burst
    Anybody come see it, pull up to the AP
    Probably gonna get busy, the king of my city for really
    Man, I'm still up on the roads, could've left (Mm-mm)
    Still chattin' to my bros on the tech' (Bah, bah)
    **** that, man, I don't give a F (Brrr)
    What, you wanna get smoked? Cigarette
    Body-ody shaped like Cola, back up back up, ayy, come closer
    Don't come too close
    Should I take Keisha or should I take Becky?
    Russ, Tion Wayne both said "I don't know"
    I swear Big A should be sponsored by Nike
    Cah he's got so much Tech when he's tryna score goals
    Ordanance Road, bro back that pole
    Mm-mm, if you know then you know (You know)
    E1, I'm bringin' it back
    Drop a gun lean 'cah no one's been slapped
    I'm in the backseat with a brown and yak
    With the biggest of backs and the shoulder tap
    They give us the biggest attract
    But live in the flesh didn't see no hands
    Any ting green get bun, it's a cap
    'Cah no one in 3x3's been blammed (For fashion)
    You don't wanna get left in a mess
    Gun shot from the right and the left
    Fifty G's won't pay for your life
    Get blazed like Khaled with no cigarettes
    English girl named Fiona
    Straight Hennessy with no Cola
    Know man since Bergkamp and Zola
    Hold onto the super soaker
    Anything to be God like, made and clean hearted, walk free
    It's ironic, 'cause he got wetted for spillin' his drink on me
    He need resuscitation just to help him breath
    Man drown when it's an internal bleed
    But I don't care for your nickname, or your last name
    Anyone can get R.I.P
    Look, huh, hold up, huh, I just gotta know her
    I don't like your tone, girl, talk a little lower
    Nigga get shot for smokin'' my roll-up
    You said you got it now you gotta show up
    Shawty gon' suck me up 'til it's over
    She like a little pretzel, you can fold her
    She got the twenty inches with the closer
    Uh, yeah, 808, huh, no, I don't play no games
    I don't say nothin', I don't clear no names
    If mans not hot then mans not somethin'
    If man gets boomed, then I get blamed
    I took a perky, I'm out of my brain
    I ain't never steppin' out of my lane
    Man, I did a lot of shit, man, I'm, proud of my name, uh
    ZT, I'm a C double S
    Chest shot specialist, wet mans chest
    B double S (Ayy), backshot specialist, bruck up the pum-pum, leave that wet
    Bad B's in love with the set, no stress, get bread
    And we set them trends, no meds
    We flex on the opps, get vexed, no net, but you know that we scored on them
    Me and E just stepped on scene, SOS for an anti-green
    AFG is an anti team, I don't know 'bout them, got rams on me
    I see one of them IC3's
    I make the hand ting beat
    Neezy stuck in the streets, shoutout my 3x3's
    Touch my watch, man, you must be crazy
    Had an Rollie, then I switched to the AP
    Bun it like an earthquake, somethin' like Haiti
    She knows me in pages, she callin' me "Baby"
    In twenty-three house, had to bring that back
    A Rolex can't phase me
    Tired of gettin' money, so ***** come pay me
    Swing both ways or bring your lady
    Chicky with the backy, wanna come get jiggy with it
    Had to air out the wap, but she know that I'm strapped
    Really, really with it, yeah, you know me, I'm really, really with it
    Can't compare when you talk about stacks
    Hundred K when I pay my tax
    Bend it, shawty wanna make it clap
    Bend it, shawty wanna arch her back
    Gun lean get shot from the backseat
    Two man pull up and bun out the backseat
    Gassed up Top Boy like Ashley
    Tappy, swing, get ying up badly
    Good **** make gyal scream "Papi"
    She holds my wappy, she makes me happy
    You know I'm tappy, I chat, and not cappy
    I rub my mashy, I'm too-too catty
    Mek mans shake, no Harlem
    Gassed up, 300, no Spartan
    I beg man pardon, dot-dot blastin'
    Might get bit when you two-step dancin'
    I do no talkin', the gyaldem clartin'
    Is your boy in this spliff? I rass him
    Bro red card him, shots, no warning
    When I see red, I'm chargin'
    Mm-mm, yo, man, I'm still up on the roads, could've left (Mm-mm)