• Title:Body (Remix) [feat. Capo Plaza & Rondodasosa]
  • Artist:Tion Wayne;Russ Millions;Capo Plaza;Rondodasosa
  • Album:Body (Remix) [feat. Capo Plaza & Rondodasosa]
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Bah (Mm-mm), yo
    E-E-English girl named Fiona, big batty girl named Abiola (Mm-mm)
    Body-ody shaped like Cola (Bah)
    Back up, back up, bring it to the owner
    Man, I'm still up on the roads, could've left (Bah, bah)
    Still chattin' to my bros on the tech' (Mm-mm)
    **** that, man, I don't give a F (Boom, boom)
    What, you wanna get smoked? Cigarette (Bah, bah, bah)
    English, English girl named Fiona, African girl, Adeola
    Body-ody shaped like Cola, back up back up, ayy, come closer
    Vida loca (Bullet), high as a kite, never sober
    Python, hit him with a Cobra
    Free up my bro, Casanova (Free him up)
    Badman persona, badman alone can control her ('Trol her)
    Sorry, sorry, your sis got bent over
    Push in my 'ood, take anaconda
    Throwback like Ed Hardy
    Stay fly, I'm high like Jeff Hardy
    Wet, wet like tsu-tsunami (Wet, wet, wet)
    Big Russ **** up the punani
    Pum, pum, turn up, I hit that raw
    Felt this tip and she ball out "Lord"
    Buss my ting in your gyal like crud
    Pum, pum, wet up, everything mad
    Yo, mm-mm, yo, yo, I got more than a mill' in savings (Mm-mm)
    But you can still get shaven (Bow)
    If I ever get caught by the paigons (Woo, woo)
    Have my nank just wavin' (Boom)
    Live my best life like I'm One Acen (Acen)
    With my fist, love the altercation (Ayy)
    But with my shank (Ayy), that's a combination (Ayy)
    Gyal with a big back's my weakness (Weakness)
    But when I punch man, it's grievous (Boom)
    They'll play back the CCTV
    When I banged him, my defence said "Jesus"
    All my brothers gotta ball like the Lakers (Ayy)
    Every time I see her arse "What the ****?" (What the ****?)
    Every time I see that arch, it's amazing (Mm-mm)
    Me and Russ like Freddy and Jason (Bap, bap, bap)
    In Italy call my friend "Wagwan, what?"
    Spaghetti mafia, yo bad gyal
    Shawty, where you from? (Where you from?)
    She's from Italia, tu vuoi il beef
    Io non mangio maiale perché è haram, haram (Haram)
    Chiamo mia madre per dire
    Che ho sputato nel culo alla scena italiana
    Bitcoin scam, wire, fraud
    This bitch from Russia, Russ is my dawg (My dawg)
    Don't rush, wait your turn
    Catch a body, don't miss, no no
    L'ho messa incinta di un baby Rondo
    Ora aspetta un bambino
    Arrivo in Inghilterra, Elisabetta non mi inchino
    Ok, you don't know
    Doppia chiamata da London
    Body lo muove sveglio, non ho sonno
    Meno amici ma ho più soldi sul conto
    Italiano, Gucci, pasta
    Lei c'ha un body definito e il booty bello grosso
    Il fra' in tuta di Lacoste
    Sanno che tutto c'ha un costo
    Ah, free mio brotha, in cella per cosa
    Qua giù si sa, la strada è una sola
    E spendi e accendi, quattro ogni mezz'ora
    Contando il cash, sto bello attento
    Si trenta cecchini e mirano a me
    Ok-ok, body, shake that ass, shawty
    Ok-ok, fratelli pochi ma ho quelli buoni
    Body, lei che muove bene il suo body
    Io da dietro che non mi muovo
    Muove il body e poi m'innamoro