• Title:Somebody Like That
  • Artist:Tenille Arts
  • Album:Love, Heartbreak, & Everything in Between
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    I've seen pick up lines and dive bar strangers slow dance
    I've seen happy hour two-for-ones turn to one night stands
    I've seen neon rebounds
    And late night drunk dials
    I've seen that Cinderella fairytale go up in cigarette smoke
    I've seen two hearts bet it all and still end up broke
    The real thing won't be easy
    Yeah, it might take a while
    But I want that all in, fallin'
    Keep the fire burning like the first time feeling
    No matter what if I'm gonna love
    I'm gonna love somebody like that
    Kinda heart, open arms
    Says forever and will never ever take it back
    If I'm gonna love
    I still remember momma walking down the living room stairs
    And daddy saying with a smile, "that's my girl right there"
    They had their share of ups and downs
    And I saw the best, and the worst, and the work, and the worth it
    To get to that all in, fallin'
    I've had some real close calls
    A couple diamond ring thoughts
    And enough midnight tears to know what love's not
    And I want that all in, fallin'
    Mmm, somebody like that
    Love somebody like that