• Title:Lil Freak
  • Artist:Usher (feat. Nicki Minaj)
  • Album:Raymond v. Raymond
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    Usher - Lil Freak (feat. Nicki Minaj)

    Ay girl yeah you da business, so what da business
    Don't be shy, i'm just talkin to you girl
    Aye ma yo where your man at,
    I know you got that cause you too fine to be single
    I swooped this girl up and what i'm about do
    To you about to feel i did it wrong
    Cause i'm about to have a minajah with this lady
    And some freaks at the bar who like fu**in with a star.
    If you're fu**ing with me girl
    You're fu**ing with me you go get some girls bring them to me
    If you fu**in with me girl you're fu**ing with me
    You let her put her hands in your pants
    Be my little freak
    Hey girl i see you like that
    You gettin excited you rockin like a pro with it girls
    By the way you got right on that
    And now you counter kissin on a girl
    I'm about to have a minajay with this lady
    Look at those freaks at the bar looking for a star
    Excuse me lil mama
    But you get say i'm on duty
    I'm lookin for a cutie
    With a big old ghetto booty
    I really like your kitty cat
    And if you let me touch her
    I know you're not a bluffer
    I'll take you to go see usher
    I keep a couple hoes
    Like santa i got vixon i got dasher, dancer, prancer,
    Dixon, comet, cupid, dunder, blixem.
    I'm hotter than 100 degrees
    A lot of bread no sesame seeds
    If i'm in yo city
    I'm signin them tig-o-bitties
    I'm plotting on how i can take cassie away from diddy
    The girls want a minaj yeah they wetter than the rain then
    Usher buzz me in
    Everybody loves raymond