• Title:Picture
  • Artist:Michael Ray
  • Album:Higher Education
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    作词 : Michael Ray/Michael Hardy/David Garcia
    作曲 : Michael Ray/Michael Hardy/David Garcia
    Cold air, Christmas Day, 1997
    Britney in her pigtails, holding up a present
    Me in the medal with my front teeth missing
    Rudolph on the TV, grandma in the kitchen
    July '85 black Chevrolet
    Sunset setting on a Lake County lake
    Ten pounds on the dot written on the back
    Uncle Terry's smiling big, holding up a bat
    Still hangs in a frame beside the front door
    Crazy to think he ain't here no more
    One day we're barefoot, young, and alive
    The next we're a story in a 3×5
    Somebody sure glad to have
    'Cause time makes it hard to remember
    So take every snapshot while you can
    Tell them that you love 'em while you got the chance
    Make sure that you take it in
    'Cause one day all you gonna have with them
    Is a picture, yeah
    Bonfire party in the middle of nowhere
    Might just look like buddies and some cold beer
    But when it's my time to leave
    It's all someone would have left of me
    Is a picture, yeah, oh-oh, yeah
    If you think this is one of those memories that you wanna leave behind
    Put your arm around who you love and tank one tonight, tonight, 'cause
    Is a picture