• Title:Didn't Know I Was Country
  • Artist:Michael Ray
  • Album:Higher Education
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    作词 : Michael Ray/Taylor Phillips/Ashley Gorley
    作曲 : Michael Ray/Taylor Phillips/Ashley Gorley
    Guess it was all in my head
    I thought all dirt was red
    "Yes Sir, Yes Ma'am"
    Was something everyone said
    You drove a Chevy or Ford
    And every house had a porch
    With a old bird dog
    Sleeping by the screen door
    I didn't I was a way back in the pines Friday night kid
    I was just cuttin' up like my dad did
    Thought every boy in the world
    Put a ring on their high school girl
    For eighteen years, I didn't know I talked funny
    Didn't know we were poor, thought we had plenty of money
    Thought everybody had piece of mind, and a piece of land
    I didn't know I was country
    Thank God I am
    You went to school to play ball
    Cranked up some '90s McGraw
    Thought everybody said gracе, and everybody said "Y'all"
    (That's right y'all)
    I didn't I was a way back in the pinеs Friday night kid
    It's just the way I thought it was
    You work a forty-hour week for a cold beer buzz
    'Til I hit them city limits
    I didn't know no different
    If you'd come from a town like mine, you'd understand