• Title:Rock It
  • Artist:Ofenbach
  • Album:Ofenbach
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    作曲 : Antoine Chatenet/César Laurent de Rummel/Dorian Lauduique/Jérémy Garcia/Sophie Hawley-Weld/Tucker Halpern
    制作人 : Ofenbach
    Rock it

    You're my nicotine, I'm your dirty teen
    You're my girl, you are my reason to believe
    You're my ecstasy, I'm your remedy
    You're the one I like, my reason to believe
    Get in the groove
    Just whip it good
    So your body can move
    Everybody, let loose
    Uno, dos, tres,cuatro
    You're my lovely queen, I'm your dirty king
    I'm your sweet lucky, you're my guillotine