• Title:Gorgeous
  • Artist:Taylor Swift
  • Album:reputation
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    Gorgeous - Taylor Swift (泰勒·斯威夫特)
    Written by:Taylor Swift/Max Martin/Shellback
    Producer:Max Martin/Shellback

    You should take it as a compliment
    That I got drunk and made fun of the way you talk
    You should think about the consequence
    Of your magnetic field being a little too strong
    And I got a boyfriend he's older than us
    He's in the club doing I don't know what
    You're so cool it makes me hate you so much
    I hate you so much
    Whiskey on ice sunset and vine
    You've ruined my life by not being mine
    You're so gorgeous
    I can't say anything to your face
    'Cause look at your face
    And I'm so furious
    At you for making me feel this way
    But what can I say
    You're gorgeous
    That I'm talking to everyone here but you
    But you but you
    And you should think about the consequence
    Of you touching my hand in a darkened room
    Dark room dark room
    If you've got a girlfriend I'm jealous of her
    But if you're single that's honestly worse
    'Cause you're so gorgeous it actually hurts
    Honey it hurts
    Ocean blue eyes looking in mine
    I feel like I might sink and drown and die
    To your face
    Look at your face
    Feel this way
    You make me so happy it turns back to sad yeah
    There's nothing I hate more than what I can't have
    You are so gorgeous it makes me so mad
    Guess I'll just stumble on home to my cats
    Alone unless you wanna come along oh
    I say
    You make me so happy it turns back to sad
    Turns back to sad
    What I can't have