• Title:Already Dead
  • Artist:Juice WRLD
  • Album:Already Dead
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    Already Dead - Juice WRLD
    Lyrics by:Nick Mira/Jarad Higgins/Dorien Theus
    Composed by:Nick Mira/Jarad Higgins/Dorien Theus
    You can see the pain in my laugh
    Yeah yeah
    Demons comin' back from the past
    Feelin' like I'm 'bout to relapse
    Voices in my head
    All I can hear them say
    Is everyone wants me dead
    B***h I'm already dead
    I've been dead for years
    I've been taking medicine again
    Henny mix it with the Vicodin
    All my sufferin'
    Is really gettin' under my skin
    Maybe I should try to pray again
    Try to wash away my sins
    I know that they not my friends
    But I'm friends with the d**gs again
    Lost my heart lost it all
    So much drama hold the applause
    S**t's like a soap opera straight downfalls
    Nightmares on the cellphone late-night calls
    No soap opera straight downfalls
    Listen to the nightmares call
    Have you ever been so alone
    That nobody's house feels like home
    I've been runnin' out of d**gs and hope
    I don't even got a plug no more
    That you don't know what to feel no more
    Ain't no reachin' for the pills no more
    One more and you're on the floor
    I know that I didn't stand a chance
    Yeah yeah yeah
    I don't think I'll ever live again
    I'm only here by popular demand
    I'm stayin' alive for the fans
    From the past
    In my head