• Title:All Falls Down
  • Artist:Alan Walker;Noah Cyrus;Digital Farm Animals;Juliander
  • Album:All Falls Down
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    All Falls Down (全部倒塌) - Alan Walker (艾兰·沃克)/Noah Cyrus/Digital Farm Animals/Juliander
    Lyrics by:Pablo Bowman/Rick Boardman/Sarah Blanchard/Daniel Boyle/Nicholas Gale
    Composed by:Alan Walker/Anders Frøen/Pablo Bowman/Rick Boardman/Sarah Blanchard/Nicholas Gale
    Noah Cyrus:
    What's the trick
    I wish I knew
    I'm so done with thinking through
    All the things I could've been
    And I know you wonder too
    All it takes is that one look you do
    And I run right back to you
    You crossed the line and it's time to say "F you"
    What's the point in saying that
    When you know how I'll react
    You think you can just take it back
    But s**t just don't work like that
    You're the d**g that I'm addicted to and I want you so bad
    Guess I'm stuck with you and that's that
    'Cause when it all falls down then whatever
    When it don't work out for the better
    If it just ain't right and it's time to say goodbye
    When it all falls down when it all falls down
    I'll be fine
    But I'll be fine
    Juliander/Noah Cyrus:
    Why we fight
    I don't know
    We say what hurts the most
    Oh I try staying cold but you take it personal
    All these firing shots and making ground
    It's way too hard to cope but I still can't let you go
    Noah Cyrus/Juliander:
    I'll be fine-ine-fine fine-ine-ine
    All falls down falling down
    All falls down
    I'll be fine-ine-fine fine
    Then whatever babe
    For the better
    When it all falls down
    When it all when it all
    Fine fine fine
    And that's that