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    Lyrics by:JAKOPS/Jason Jermaine Daxon/Sheldon Body Jr./Olay/Brooklyn Kenaisya Johnson/AMarri Gildersleeve/Poe Leos/JQue/Dayday
    Composed by:JAKOPS/Xansei/Seann Bowe/Clint Ford/Matt Kali/Sheldon Body Jr./Jason Jermaine Daxon/Olay/Patrick Michael Smith (JQue)/Poe Leos/Rambo Kay/Amelia Moore/Brooklyn Kenaisya Johnson/AMarri Gildersleeve
    Yeah a huh

    Yeah XG
    Everything I do I do it A1 flawless
    Make'em go insane pandemonium riot
    Always looking fresh
    Got that green in my diet
    Head to my toes
    Shinin' like canary diamonds
    We dem cool kids nothing to it
    Going stupid saucin'
    We a movement
    Never losin'
    Making moves stay poppin'
    Baby if I give it my all will it pay off
    Working overtime no days off
    All these shooting stars in the dark
    Make a wish
    Taking off from the ground it's amazing
    So outta this world
    I'm in space
    Now I'm going up
    Headin' to the stars
    Wouldn't trade it out for another life no
    Yea we ridin' ridin' ridin' on up
    So shinin' shinin' shinin' for sho
    Woo ah I'm lookin' so lavish
    Woo ah put in work like it's a habit
    It's a big move everyday's like a dream
    Makin' big moves yeah we do it for our team
    Woo ah yea I bet you can't imagine
    I be the one huh
    Don't need to stunt huh
    Cuz we coolin' suit and boot it just for fun
    You couldn't run up on me I'm too outta this world
    I got that spaceship jumpin' ready for my launch
    I don't care if I'm a brat
    I'm just goin' dumb
    I ain't tryin' to fire shots
    But they doin' nothin'
    I know they watching me
    I'm what I want to be
    Nobody touching me
    I've got this energy
    Taking off
    From the ground it's amazing
    Oh you rockin' with a dream team
    Comets droppin' when we hit the scene
    We shootin' from another galaxy
    And you know we take it all the way
    Lights and camera action
    It's just how we live
    Don't get it twisted this ain't child play
    Just know that XG's
    Going all the way
    Makin big moves as I should cuz I'm a queen