• Title:All My People
  • Artist:Alexandra Stan;Manilla Maniacs
  • Album:All My People
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    All My People - Alexandra Stan/Manilla Maniacs
    Sometimes I feel you on my body
    You make my head spin yeah oh oh oh
    It's like somebody got inside me
    Dancing under my skin yeah
    All my people
    Know everything about you
    But all my people
    Didn't know that I mean to you
    I think this virus got my baby
    I need a doctor for my baby
    He's gon bad he's gon bad
    Oh oh oh oooh
    You make my head spin yeah
    Everything about you

    Thank all my people
    Dancing as I sing
    Everybody's moving to the rhythm that I bring
    Sing all my people dancing as I sing
    I'm watching you dancing
    I'm out of control
    Cause I see right through me
    He's staring into my soul whoah
    And all the people you knew
    They didn't know about you
    Know everything about you yeah
    I mean to you
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah