• Title:Charging!
  • Artist:Travis Japan
  • Album:Moving Pieces - EP
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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  • Uploador:mashoon
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    Charging!(Travis Japan)

    Hi all, let's take five now ;)
    Yeah, come on
    Yeah yeah
    Take five
    Let's go
    The sunshine on me
    しわくちゃの Map 開いて
    I'm calling you 君が My destination
    (So crazy timeline) Run out寸前
    (Problems piling up) 癒して Babe
    上辺だけ Bandage 巻いて
    (OMG I'm stuck) 何もかも
    (How do i get out) 壊れてゆく
    この街の (My love) 彩りも
    1人では虚しく見えて (A monochrome world)
    Cuz you make me stoked (Every time)
    Hey, stand up guys, look up to the sky
    Step and go vivid today! (Stand up guys)
    It's a brand new day, enjoy all day
    Dance and go vivid today! (Enjoy guys)
    溢れる Power like a vitamin color
    足先まで 君を Charging on
    We can go vivid today!
    (With all of my love)
    Enthusiastic なハート忘れちゃ
    (Such a boring man) つまんないじゃん
    (Obsessed with me, girl) Attractive に
    辛い夜 明けたって
    Without you? No way, it's out of the question!
    (The start of the day) おはようって
    (Wanna say to you) 誰に言えばいい
    I miss you な (My love) 休日は
    自分にさえ 優しくできず (Losing my control)
    Such a gloomy day :(
    (A rainy day)
    Hey wake up guys, do up a tie
    Tap and go vivid today! (Wake up guys)
    I can't stop my wave so do the best
    Hop and go vivid today! (Do your best)
    君が Cheer me up, that's why I'm here just now
    いつでも I can be anything you want
    Do what you love (Your love)
    Love what you do (You do)
    With my love (With all of my love)
    1人では 弱い僕だけど
    (Always by my side)
    Yeah, right, it's all my love, love you (I love you)
    間違ったって 凹んだって
    Always make me happy woo yeah (I love you)
    Step and go vivid today! (Stand up guys)
    Dance and go vivid today!
    身体中を潤して (By my side)
    (The sunshine on me)