• Title:Power (In Your Soul)
  • Artist:Interupt;Luna LePage
  • Album:Power (In Your Soul)
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    作曲 : Josip Mijatovic/Alex De Martin/Beth Emily Morris/Barnaby Edward English Cox
    There's a power in your soul
    And I wanted you to know
    Only you can help that magic to unfold
    So be true to yourself
    There was something to behold, yeah
    I've been up and down
    But I see clearly now
    Eyes open and start to feel the power within
    This brand new energy is taking over me
    Is taking over me, yeah
    Feels so good to lose all of our control
    I turn to choose to reignite your soul
    Set your heart free and just let go
    Time to just let go
    Just let go
    Gotta be
    Better be
    Gonna be
    See you across the room
    Lights shining outta you
    Been here before the fire that you can't ignore
    We can't deny it
    It's taking over you
    And taking over me, too
    OOOH (And just let go)
    OOOH (And a power in your soul)
    OOOH (A power in your soul)