• Title:Arena
  • Artist:VNV Nation
  • Album:Matter Form
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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  • Uploador:legna0
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    Before me plays the endless film
    Relentless splinters I recall
    Each living thing breathes life
    Only sentiment remains
    To liquid born, from patterns formed
    The sand descends with blind intent
    Where the river takes me will in time be revealed

    I cannot turn my feelings down
    Beyond my means to turn my thoughts around
    Expressed in every word I will ever speak
    Brighter than all the stars combined
    More than the waters, earth and sky
    All that I wish and all that I dream
    Above the waves with my hands raised
    Dare the wind, lay claim to me
    Knowing somehow none could take me
    Watching the sun come up in vain
    The only reason I can find why I remained
    The need to leave the point I came to again and again
    It didn't matter how hard I tried
    It took so long to claim that I knew how
    Or what it meant to let go of this
    To ever say goodbye
    Call it destiny, call it fate
    Chose my direction: running forward
    Each life to learn anew, whatever may come
    No creed on earth can replace or provide
    In my darkest hour, the comfort I'd feel
    Leading me to see I can be more than I expect of me
    My beginning and my end
    The first and last air that I breathe
    More than the sum of everything that I will ever be