• Title:Briefcase
  • Artist:Walker Hayes;Lori McKenna
  • Album:Country Stuff
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    作曲 : Walker Hayes/Lori McKenna
    I hated when dad picked up his briefcase
    'Cause that meant that he was leavin'
    But I loved the sound that his keychain made
    When he got home in the evenin'
    I was always sad, mom was always mad
    Most nights he showed up late
    Set his briefcase down like it didn't weigh a pound
    No, I never understood the weight
    But momma always left him a plate
    Eighteen, said I'ma be anythin'
    But just like my old man
    Sellin' houses to all those families
    While his family sat at home missin' him
    Got sick of playin' ball games watchin'
    All the other dads watch their kids
    So I picked up a guitar case 'cause it wasn't square like his
    Now, I sound like him, and I look like him
    And I walk like him, and I talk like him
    And I try to make my wife laugh
    When she's mad 'cause I love my job like him
    Now, I get it dad, it's a jugglin' act
    Between feedin' the kids and feedin' the dreams we chase
    I guess a guitar doesn't fall too far from a briefcase
    Well, momma cleaned, and daddy worked
    And I learned to play the guitar
    On McGregor Court, that's how we coped with all our broken hearts
    I know I held it against him
    Throwin' that baseball against his steps
    But daddy never held it against me
    'Cause I wasn't a father yet, not yet
    And I try to make my kids laugh
    When they're sad and it's all my fault like him
    It's a blessing and a curse in this case I carry around
    Every time I pick it up, my kids say, "Daddy put it down"
    And I see me in them, and I feel him in me
    Like the cats in the cradle and the apples in the trees
    And I just smile when somebody says
    That I sound like him, and I look like him
    And I run to the father when I hate nothin' at all like him
    Yeah, I get it dad, it's a jugglin' act
    I guess a guitar doesn't fall too far from the briefcase