• Title:Bad Habits [Fumez The Engineer Remix]
  • Artist:Ed Sheeran;Tion Wayne;Central Cee;Fumez The Engineer
  • Album:Bad Habits (feat. Tion Wayne & Central Cee) [Fumez The Engineer Remix]
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    作曲 : Ed Sheeran/Central Cee/Charlie King/Fred Gibson/Jahrell Bryan/Johnny McDaid/Tion Wayne
    You know a lot of people ask us
    "How is C-Dot funded?
    And where do you get your money from?"
    The simple answer
    Every time you come around, you know I can't say no
    Every time the sun goes down, I let you take control
    I can feel the paradise before my world implodes
    And tonight had something wonderful
    (Grr, mm-mm, yeah)
    Feds havin' nightmares when I got my ice
    Girl up on my left side, girl up on my right (Mm-mm)
    Six figure transfer when I cop my ride (Bow, bow, bow)
    That's why the opps them just wanna take my life
    Beforе the music, had to put a shift in
    Made Lambo money from a Citröеn (Boom)
    I was tapped then, rolling with my kitchen
    That's why they want me just lock up in the system
    Bad habits in my life, in my veins (In my veins)
    Bad habits in the nine with a babe (Boom)
    Bad habits, can't end up with case
    Man, them bad vibes just haffi, go away
    'Cause I was broke, getting Ps weren't easy (Easy)
    I'm with Sheeran now, it's cheeky (Mad)
    Feds can't believe I'm on TV
    They're having flashbacks of CCTV
    Tough luck (Ooh), he got brucked up (Ooh)
    In my drop-top (Ooh), getting top-top (Boom)
    And my young buck, if he catch an opp-opp
    'Nother boy eating, bidda-bop-bop (Boom)
    But **** what you're telling them, I'm from Edmonton
    Bad vibes everything
    Rolex or I might bust my skeleton (Buh, buh, buh)
    (My bad habits lead to you)
    I don't wanna go on a mad one
    Them say something I can't come back from
    Frontways, sideways, cowgirl, backshots
    Mr. Miyagi, wax off, wax on
    I don't even smoke, she want a backstrap on
    Messed up with my good girl, on a sad one
    Now I'm in a hotel room with a bad one
    Strapped up, I don't wanna give mum a grandson
    These ladies moving crazy, uh
    Wanna have babies by me
    Lately I've been keepin' my head down
    Ain't been wildin' out, takin' time out
    Cards laid out, got nothin' to hide 'bout
    Ay, maybe I slipped up once on a night out
    If she find out 'bout that, she wild out
    The sex feel better when you make up
    After you break up, all body language
    Don't wanna say much
    We could go back to the AP and lay up
    Or **** in the back of the Bentley Bentayga
    Come home late, she wake, she stayin' up
    Body in tight, no personal trainer
    Breakfast in bed, don't cook me no bacon
    I just want head when I wake up
    I got a gyal up in Chelsea, you know
    But why everyone there when you blow?
    The feds tryna get help with the roads
    Me nuh know, me nuh know, me nuh know
    I got gyal everywhere in the globe
    But everyone disappears when you're broke
    If bro calls me and say it's that time, I don't care
    I'm putting my career on hold
    Bad night if we back out the pumpy (Grr)
    Bad sight weh me keep up the ****ery (Bow)
    If I bang him in the face, can't stop me (Mm-mm)
    Bad time, but today I'm lucky
    Yo, in the rear with the gauge (Bow)
    Bad habits, can't end up in a cage (Boom)
    Bang at anyone, straight in the face (Mm, mm)
    She left me on read back then when I had no bread
    Like shorty didn't trust the process
    Free all the guys locked down four walls
    When I think 'bout that, I get claustrophobic
    Pure *******, no bakin' soda
    Lot of ammonia, I don't condone it
    But you gotta do what you gotta do
    And you're stuck in the hood just hopin'
    I was lickin' 'em, stickin' them, left is an artist
    Dylan just fill up and empty the cartridge
    Do it like Sheringham, shoot up the rhaatid
    Think I won't pull up and bark it
    When I fly out the M-way, I feel nostalgic
    Yay come white like yam, it ain't powdered
    Looking for cribs, just fully detached
    I came from council housing
    Not in a talk-the-talk, I really walk the walk
    Man, this a masterclass, man you can ask for a chance
    Richard Mille on, you don't know the pass, the password
    When it's really on, when's he gonna clart it off?
    No fears cah I'm good on the roads where I'm from
    You can ask, I'm calm as long as my darg is
    Always aim at the target market
    Look at the profit margin
    Fumez The Engineer
    If bro calls me and say it's time, I don't care
    I'm putting my ca-, I'm putting my career on hold
    But why everyone, but why everyone
    贝斯 : FRED/CDot/Fumez The Engineer
    木吉他 : Ed Sheeran/Johnny McDaid
    制作 : Ed Sheeran
    和声 : Ed Sheeran/FRED