• Title:Verdansk
  • Artist:Dave
  • Album:We're All Alone In This Together
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    [Intro: Dave]
    Just had to kick a chick out of the studio fam, shit's nuts, fam
    Nah, like, in Kyle's words, fam, the truth is madder than fiction, fam
    It's nuts out here
    (Oi, ayy, write that shit down)
    I see a ting that I touched, tell me about talkin' stage, gotta tell her "Don't force it"
    Beef man, pepper and salt it, me and RJ gotta pull up, no talkin'
    Trap, you ain't got a rack to your name, my bro Brick Lane, we don't know about Shoreditch
    Rental, I never insured it, M25, gotta whip that calmly
    Man try beef with my dargy, Warzone ting how I come third party
    My little nigga can't lose that cash, I drop YGs, do it like Kehlani
    I don't rock Gucci or Armani, ST from ST, I can't
    Squash that beef like fruit and barley, still got a one black star like Kwame
    Three car convoy in Sutton, my mum got matching whips with Yungen
    Should've made Shanei hold on suttin' but it never would've worked 'cause the girl too stubborn
    Young G's talking my name on the Ends
    Gotta' tell a man "Please don't risk it"
    On a right day, man ah just frisk him
    On a wrong day, I'm gettin' man airlifted
    I'm in Hollywood Hills with a white Rolls Royce
    And a one brownin' from Compton
    The Lambo parked just in front
    Man pull up to the bumper and do it like Konshens
    She wanna go LV, no problem
    Went for the cheapest bag, that's nonsense
    I took a hundred bags from Barclays bank
    No cap, you can go and ask Ellie
    That one mine, Bouncing Betty
    The bag 4K, like a HD telly
    Best believe that I'm back like Nelly
    Chest petite with a back like jelly
    I'm seein' man send indirects
    If you wanna war man then you better be vocal
    My right hand got a semi, that's local
    And this Browning, I can't post on socials
    My girl gotta' be far from social
    I don't wanna' see her at Carni
    Four-double-eight in the party
    LBC how I nicked the Ferrari
    Girls say we're the littiest batch in South London and, bro, it's a fact
    Airport, we're going for bants
    I hopped out the plane, I ain't going Verdansk
    What you know about telling a 10/10 to keep her clothes on and moving good?
    I ain't on beating or misogyny
    It's mahogany, I got bougie wood
    Look, Airbnb with the guys, it's a white mans face that I use to book
    Chill with the stupid looks or it's gonna be a kettle that I use to cook
    Squash that beef like fruit and barley, still got a one black star like