• Title:Sold Out
  • Artist:Hawk Nelson
  • Album:Diamonds
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    作词 : Jon Steingard
    作曲 : Jon Steingard
    I ain't like no one you met before
    I'm running for the front
    When they're all running for the door
    And I won't sit down won't back out
    You can't ever shut me up
    Cause I'm on a mission
    And I won't quit now
    In a world full of followers
    I'll be a leader
    In a world full of doubters
    I'll be a believer
    I'm stepping out without a hesitation
    Because the battle's already been won
    I'm sold out
    I'm no longer living
    Just for myself
    Running after Jesus
    With my whole heart
    And now I'm ready to show
    I am sold out
    With every single
    Step that I take now
    With every drop of blood
    Left in my veins
    I'm gonna be making it count
    This ain't just some temporary phase
    You can't face this kind of grace
    And leave the way you came
    This is permanent with intent
    And there won't be no stopping it now
    I'm on a mission and it's heaven sent
    Cause my soul is like a stadium
    No trials coming against me
    Could put a dent in my passion
    They're just an opportunity
    To put my faith into action
    I ain't got nothing left to be afraid of