• Title:Girls Want Girls
  • Artist:Drake;Lil Baby
  • Album:Certified Lover Boy
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    作词 : A. Graham/D. Jones/O. Yildirim
    作曲 : A. Graham/D. Jones/O. Yildirim
    Woah, woah, woah, woah
    Starin’ at your dress ’cause it’s see through, yeah
    Talkin’ ’bout the shit that you done been through, yeah
    Said that you a lesbian, girl, me too, ayy
    Girls want girls where I’m from, wait, uh, yeah
    Girls want girls, wait, woah, yeah, yeah
    Girls want girls where I’m from, oh yeah, yeah
    Girls want girls, woah, ayy, woah
    Girls want girls where I’m from, ayy
    Cannot play a player, baby
    I grew up andrea faced
    I done seen the realest ones come and leave a crazy way
    Had to take my spot, it wasn’t just somethin’ that they gave away
    Sorry to all my fans that might’ve caught me on a crazy day
    **** you niggas thinkin’ tryna block me on a fadeaway
    I been on this shit, I only vibe with a payday
    Say you go that way, I guess we both go thе same way
    Girls want girls where I’m from
    Yеah, yeah, where we both from, ayy
    And you just got to Miami, need hotel rooms
    Niggas told you that they love you, but they fell through
    So you shop 42 ’cause you, ayy
    And you throwin’ on that dress ’cause it’s see-through, yeah
    Textin’ me and say I need to see you
    I don’t know (I don’t know)
    I might come, I might go, I don’t know (I don’t know)
    I might come, I might go, I don’t know, baby
    Girls want girls where I’m from, wait, yeah, woah
    Girls want girls, ayy, yeah
    My girl got a girlfriend
    They tryna be out of shape, well stay up on them curls then
    If gym don’t work, then surgery
    I’ll pay for that, my courtesy
    Can’t imagine no bitch curvin’ me
    I put in that work overly, I handle business
    And I got two pretty bitches, keep ’em both on fleek
    They got matching Benz and matching AP’s
    Now they can really call each other twins
    I’m cool with all the owners, they love me, so they gon’ let us in
    And bring all of your peers, it look better with more people
    We got 1942 Casamigos, it’s getting heated
    They gotta follow us in the Uber, my car filled up with shooters
    It be lights, camera, action when you with us, it’s a movie
    I don’t drive my coupe to house parties, I’m tryna leave two of ’em
    Yeah, don’t nobody notice the shit that we do
    She like eating pussy, I’m like, “Me too”
    I can’t wait to get off work to go and see you
    Please bring your girlfriend along with you
    Y’all been on my mind too much, like what the **** is wrong with me?
    She said it’s somethin’ about the way your girl just makes her feel
    Whatever you been dreamin’ about, I swear to make it real
    Ride around the town with me, then come lay down with me
    I might come, I might go, I don’t know (I don’t know, I don’t know)
    Girls want girls where I’m from, no, yeah, yeah
    But I know you wanna roll with the gang
    And I know you want the finest of things
    Askin’ me about se—se—, feelin’ down
    ‘Cause you know the things are goin’ my way