• Title:In The Bible
  • Artist:Drake;Lil Durk;Giveon
  • Album:Certified Lover Boy
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  • Languages:en
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    作词 : A. Graham/N. Shebib/D. Banks/G. Evans/L. Thomas III/A. Schindler/E. Brown/Simon Gebrelul
    作曲 : A. Graham/N. Shebib/D. Banks/G. Evans/L. Thomas III/A. Schindler/E. Brown/Simon Gebrelul
    Okay, okay, okay
    Countin' up my bodies, damn, the thing just start to pile
    Judge me how you judge me, take them *****es out to trial
    ****ed a hundred niggas, how them niggas love you now?
    You don't know love, you don't love me like my child
    Lay your ass down, then that liquor get you fired up
    Turn up every day, girl, it don't say that in the Bible
    Can't give it up 'cause you love the lifestyle
    Told the girls to meet at Tao
    Now y'all doin' shots, now them *****es got you fired up
    Don't know who you talking 'bout, I'll put that on the Bible
    Turnin' up on me, don't make me turn it back around
    And you know
    Think I'm Tiger Woods, the way I'm teed off the 17
    And you know pockets on whatever, jeans forever green
    And you know, told me lotta things, but ain't say everything
    But now I know every single thing, there was plenty things I didn't know
    Plenty things you didn't say, was ****in' with you anyway
    Was ****in' with you way before you had some confessions to make
    You decide to take it to the grave, I know you gon' take it
    And you know (And you know, and you know)
    Trenches *****, I got her a salon
    Gucci and Pucci, it's deep in her budget
    She hittin' up Virgil for Louis Vuitton
    It's not in the Bible to wife off one girl
    I'm Muslim, I go by Quran
    The way I be smilin' and holdin' my gun
    She think I be mimickin' Von, Grandson
    She only play me in the whip
    India Royale cosmetic, I'm just promotin' my *****
    Drake song do a billion streams for sure, I'm just promotin' her shit
    Nasty with it
    Take her to Sono Bello and get her some massive *******
    Fashion nigga
    Rhude call when they drop like send my addy with it
    ***** left me and I'm glad she did it
    Know I be testin' *****es
    Back to back, I'm wrestlin' with 'em
    Lean voice, I'm raspy with it
    I did my dance one time on TikTok and went viral with it
    You've been on my mind
    We've been spendin' time, but I'm scared
    A good girl inside (A good girl inside)
    But you're tainted every time that I'm there (Tainted)
    Here we are now and it's crazy
    Held my flaws down to you, baby
    You love, you trust, you trust
    I'm not what you think
    Don't be proud of me
    I'm not what you feel
    And you gon' see it real soon
    And when you see the real, will you still want me?