• Title:If You
  • Artist:Lee Brice
  • Album:Hey World
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    作词 : Adam Wood/Brian Davis/Lee Brice
    作曲 : Adam Wood/Brian Davis/Lee Brice
    If you don't like our drinking
    If you don't like our trucks
    If you don't like our rifles buddy, we don't give a buck

    Some people got a problem with my rowdy friends and me
    Our kind of whiskey's never gonna be their cup of tea
    Sorry we ain't sorry if it makes you feel that way
    We'd sure like to apologize but all we know to say is
    If you don't like your country rocking bootin' scootin' loud
    Don't let that swinging door hit you if you on your way out
    I ain't trying to disrespect you if we don't see eye to eye
    You are cordially invited to blow us off tonight
    The beer's cheap and cold
    There's enough to go around
    We'd love for you to be apart of this here party crowd, but
    If you don't like our shotguns, we don't give a flying duck