• Title:Sons And Daughters
  • Artist:Lee Brice
  • Album:Hey World
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    作词 : Ben Glover/Joe Leathers/Lee Brice
    作曲 : Ben Glover/Joe Leathers/Lee Brice
    Right now there's a redneck boy on the tractor
    Sweatin' seven days a week
    So you and me can drive five minutes in the AC
    To get the groceries
    And there's a Compton girl, in blue with the badge
    Took an oath to protect her fellow man
    Every day of her life on the line
    So we can all sleep better at night
    So quick to judgement aren't we
    Forgetting everybody
    Is somebody's son
    Somebody's daughter
    Humans being kind right now
    We couldn't be much farther
    So before you go and hurt somebody
    Remember everyone
    Somebody's daughter, yeah

    Pretend just a minute, when you're on your phone
    Safe behind your screen
    What you're typin' is to yourself
    And the whole world is gonna see
    What's in your head, what you're about to say
    Might be a second thought to you
    But once you throw that stone
    You never know, what kind of damage you're about to do
    To somebody's son
    Somebody's son