• Title:This Love
  • Artist:Taylor Swift
  • Album:1989 (Deluxe)
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    作词 : Taylor Swift
    作曲 : Taylor Swift

    Clear blue water
    High tide came and brought you in
    And I could go
    On and on, on and on and I will
    Skies grew darker
    Currents swept you out again
    And you were just
    Gone and gone, gone and gone
    In silent screams
    In wildest dreams
    I never dreamed of this
    This love is good, this love is bad
    This love is alive back from the dead
    Oh, these hands had to let it go free
    And this love came back to me, oh, oh, oh
    Tossing, turning
    Struggle through the night for someone new
    And, yeah, I could go
    On and on, on and on
    Lantern burning
    Flickered in the mind, only you
    But you're still
    Gone, gone, gone
    Been losing grip
    Oh, sinking ships
    You showed up, just in time
    And this love came back to me, oh
    This love left a permanent mark
    This love is glowing in the dark
    Your kiss, my cheek
    I watched you leave
    Your smile, my ghost
    I fell to my knees
    When you're young you
    Just run, but you come back
    To what you need