• Title:Why Can't This Be Love?
  • Artist:Van Halen
  • Album:5150
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    " Why Can't This Be Love? "
    Van Halen

    Whooo-oa!, here it comes
    That funny feeling again,
    Winding me up inside
    Every time we touch,
    Hey!, I don't know,
    Oh!, tell me where to begin,
    'Cause I never ever
    Felt so much,
    And I can't recall
    Any love at all,
    Ah baby, this blows 'em all awaaay!
    (It's got what it takes),
    (So, tell me why can't)
    (This be love?),
    Straight from my heart,
    Oh!, tell me (why-y-yy)
    (Can't this be love?)
    Haaa!-I tell myself!:
    "Hey, only fools rush in",
    And only time will tell
    If we stand the test of time,
    Oooh!-all I know
    You've got to run to win,
    And I'll be damned if I'll get
    Hung up on the li-iine,
    No, I can't recall
    Anything at all,
    Oh baby!, this blows them all awaaay!
    You want it straight from the heart,
    Oooh!, (tell me why-y-yy)
    (Can't this be love?),
    -To-ru!-to-ru!, tooo-ru!-to-ru!-
    (Guitar solo)
    Straight from my hea-a-art-oh!-
    -Tell me (why-y-yy)
    Baby why
    Got to know (why)
    I wanna know why-y-yyy (can't this)-
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