• Title:Red Light Green Light
  • Artist:Digga D
  • Album:Red Light Green Light
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    作词 : Digga D
    作曲 : Digga D
    Ay Benji
    You'll be playin' "Red Light, Green Light"
    Player 156, you have been eliminated (Yo)
    Yo MacMac, Relax
    Yo, yo
    (It was us that did it, it was us that did it)
    It was me that chinged up Zino
    It was me that chinged up Deebo
    Red Light (Woi), Green Light (Woi)
    You know what we’re leaving the scene like (Bloody)
    Red Light, Green Light
    Bring a .44 to a street fight (Yo)
    Everyone else my age in this wap ting is a puppy, chihuahua
    I got guns with banana clips, my last resort is a brucky
    Everyone else my age in this rap ting is a puppy (Some pussy)
    Everyone best run back from me if I tell Rack5 turn that Duppy
    Leave that dead ahlie (Pack that ****), I beg ahlie (Idiot)
    Start calculate how much fish and bread I buy
    Wake up and shot and lead I fly
    Handguns with attachments and hella bine
    Greaze, cock it and watch one of them jump out
    Everything in the 9x get thumped out
    You know the atmosphere what my guns 'bout
    Everyone's watchin', I'm out with my guns out
    If I feel any static, I go for the 'matic (Got him)
    I start sprayin' erratic (Grrat)
    Couple shot jumped out his jacket
    Then jumped in the jacket
    And burnt your flesh when I slap it
    Mix the .32s with the 7.62s
    That's the SK and the AK (Grrr-rrrr)
    **** must have thought this ting was some play-play
    Went there, let that rip like a Beyblade
    Bring a .44 to a street fight
    Don't move, don't move
    ****, man
    Or I'ma slap one in inna yuh face
    Yo, yo, (Bap)
    Got a banana clip for the ****
    But I ain't comin' with rice (Dealin')
    I bored up **** and ****
    Lot's Skum got him there too, so we done him there twice
    Feds said that I shot someone in the face
    And they lost sight in both their eyes (Bap, bao)
    I never believed in karma
    'Til man slipped on the wing and got chinged in mine
    Say the word, I'll kill him
    Ratlin' can't run, he ain't no spring chicken
    'Cause he can run, bruv, who am I kiddin'?
    Screamin' "Water" 'cause he got less spillin'
    Hand to hand ting or the teeth get fillin' (Woi, woi)
    Normal teeth that is grinnin'
    Six gold teeth, fling them out and grill 'em
    Get the address and pull up where he's billin'
    I'm Digga and roll off, puttin' in work
    I'm drillin', just soakin' ****, now I'm spinnin' (I'm spinnin')
    I hopped out the chop with my trousers up
    Had my arms in Amiri swingin' (Wagwan?)
    They said I could come to the club with a fizzy
    And know I still brought my ting in
    They're like "How you got so much women?"
    The winner retire, so come and take this ribbon
    Ay Benji, you know this one bangs, init