• Title:Arcadia
  • Artist:Lana Del Rey
  • Album:Blue Banisters
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    作词 : Drew Erickson/Lana Del Rey
    作曲 : Drew Erickson/Lana Del Rey
    My body is a map of L.A
    I stand straight like an angel, with a halo
    Hangin' out the Hilton Hotel window
    Screamin', "Heyo, baby, let's go"
    My chest, the Sierra Madre
    My hips, every high and byway
    That you trace with your fingertips like a Toyota
    Run your hands over me like a Land Rover
    In Arcadia, Arcadia
    All roads that lead to you as integral to me as arteries
    That pump the blood that flows straight to the heart of me
    America, America
    I can't sleep at home tonight, send me a Hilton Hotel
    Or a cross on the hill, I'm a lost little girl
    Findin' my way to ya

    And my heart is like paper, I hate ya
    I'm not from the land of the palms, so I know I can't stay here
    I'm not native, but
    My curves, San Gabriel all day
    And my lips like the fire licks the bay
    If you think that you know yourself, you can come over
    Lay your hands on me like you're a Land Rover
    That get the blood flowing straight to the heart of me
    America, I need a miracle
    They built me up three hundred feet tall just to tear me down
    So I'm leavin' with nothing but laughter, and this town
    I'm leavin' them as I was, five foot eight
    Western bound, plus the hate that they gave
    By the way, thanks for that, on the way, I'll pray for ya
    But you'll need a miracle