• Title:Helpless
  • Artist:Jesse, Joy
  • Album:Jesse & Joy
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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  • Uploador:hisham315
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    When you were by my side
    We would shine like the northern lights
    Their glow is often green
    Felt like I could do anything
    Heartless darkness crept across and covered up my eyes
    How do I stop your shadow from living all in black and white?
    And it's forty nights since you quit my life
    Left without a sound
    Left without a sound, I hate this
    To feel so helpless
    And it's times like this that I miss your kiss
    Wish we never met, wish I never let me love you
    And never felt this
    Helpless, helpless
    The bruises never stay
    Turn from blue to yellow, then they fade
    They fade, they fade, they fade
    But you broke me like a bone
    I might never be whole again

    Go be happy, go and be free
    It's all the same to me
    Go be friend, go be enemy
    And let's be strangers, let the pain just go away
    How I hate, I hate, I hate this
    And it's times like this when I miss your kiss
    I'm so helpless, helpless, helpless