• Title:Cornelia Street
  • Artist:Taylor Swift
  • Album:Lover
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Cornelia Street - Taylor Swift (泰勒·斯威夫特)
    Lyrics by:Taylor Swift
    Composed by:Taylor Swift
    We were in the backseat
    Drunk on something stronger than the drinks in the bar
    "I rent a place on Cornelia Street"
    I say casually in the car
    We were a fresh page on the desk
    Filling in the blanks as we go
    As if the streetlights pointed in an arrowhead
    Leading us home
    I hope I never lose you hope it never ends
    I'd never walk Cornelia Street again
    That's the kind of heartbreak time could never mend
    And baby I get mystified by how this city screams your name
    And baby I'm so terrified of if you ever walk away
    Windows flung right open autumn air
    Jacket 'round my shoulders is yours
    We bless the rains on Cornelia Street
    Memorize the creaks in the floor
    Back when we were card sharks playing games
    I thought you were leading me on
    I packed my bags left Cornelia Street
    Before you even knew I was gone
    But then you called showed your hand
    I turned around before I hit the tunnel
    Sat on the roof you and I
    You hold my hand on the street
    Walk me back to that apartment
    Years ago we were just inside
    Barefoot in the kitchen
    Sacred new beginnings
    That became my religion listen
    I hope I never lose you
    Oh never again
    I don't wanna lose you
    Hope it never ends
    I said casually in the car