• Title:Star Unkind (Lanfranchi & Farina Remix)
  • Artist:2Someone
  • Album:Star Unkind
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Star Unkind (Lanfranchi & Farina Remix) - 2Someone
    Lyrics by:G. Sinatra/C. Raffaele/L. Lento/V. Callea
    Composed by:C. Raffaele/V. Callea/L. Lento/G. Sinatra

    Can see
    Star unkind
    So let me be your music
    Everybody can touch this through around
    You can love you can feel watchin' live inside
    Let the star unkind
    Nobody can see and nobody can feel it
    There's a star in the sky
    That feels unkind
    Can feel it