• Title:Remember Our Summer
  • Artist:FrogMonster
  • Album:Remember Our Summer
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Remember Our Summer - FrogMonster
    Lyrics by:Nuowen Tu-Wang/Qingyang Zhang
    Composed by:Nuowen Tu-Wang/Qingyang Zhang
    Lately I wanna stay awake
    I don't want the days to end
    I know you'll fly away
    Need to hold you for myself
    I feel the time run through my hands
    Try to grab it but it fades
    Say goodbye in all the possible ways
    I don't want you to get lost
    Will we ever meet again
    I'll anesthetize the pain
    Please remember our summers
    My heart is closed by duel
    Will I learn to love again
    Who will walk with me in the rain
    Come the sun
    Come the rain
    And the leaves falling
    I will wait even if the seasons change
    Anxiety runs through my veins
    I'll escape from all these chains
    Say come back in all the possible ways